Shelley Broadway, the ever-snarky creator, owner, and administrator of *Clean* Funny Pics on Facebook and website of the same name. She is definitely a character all her own and a woman whose words are not easily forgotten. She uses witticism and sarcasm with befuddling eloquence.

She is the youngest of three siblings, a sister, Paige, and a brother, Mickey. Growing up, her family moved many times. Shelley’s sense of humor helped her cope. She grew up in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia and attended 13 different schools. Having spent the largest amount of her childhood in Georgia, and the fact that her extended family was there, Georgia has always been ‘Home’.

She was an average student who gave many a teacher a chuckle. No amount of laughter from the teachers, however, kept her from regularly getting in trouble for talking during class.  Shelley left high school 6 months early, got a GED and began her college career. She graduated from Strayer University in 1996 with a Computer Degree, attending the Fredericksburg, VA campus.

Shelley met and subsequently married her husband, Tom, in February 1999. Happily married and living in Middle Georgia, they spend a lot of time laughing with each other and their sons, Harrison and Brinson. Born in Fall 2000 and in Winter 2003, the boys are both home schooled.

With Shelley one is sure to have a good old fashioned giggle over anything from a southern colloquialism to a shared thought or witnessing an enlightening lecture on common sense. As a wife, a stay at home mom and teacher to two wild monkey boys, it is no wonder she is skilled in giving verbal smack downs.

Shelley is grateful to God for all the gifts she has received (the monkeys included) and will always stand proudly by her faith and this great country the U.S.A..

The Shelley experience is as follows: Drink sweet tea; laugh/cackle; soil your shirt; and smile-in that order. (Liquid involved in experience and effect of laughter may vary per person.)

4 thoughts on “About”

    1. Oh! I like the ‘of’ much better… Thanks! Tom calls me “Shell” rather than “Shelley” and I couldn’t get the ‘ey’ in it without it looking all wonky… :/


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American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God

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