Legal Murder – Legally Filmed

Whenever I’ve had conversations with youth about my own personal history and sins, I say “I’ve broken all ten commandments.”

This often confuses them. “You’ve murdered someone?” they ask. Or “You’ve never murdered anyone though. Right?”

Wrong. I have murdered someone. “I have murdered someone. The reason I’m not in jail is because the murder I committed was legal.”

Their faces fill with confusion and then, for some of them, clarity quickly follows and they ‘get’ it. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right – or not a sin.

I’m talking about abortion.

A woman by the name Emily, who counsels women in an abortion clinic, recently found herself pregnant and decided – as a part of her counseling – she would film her abortion procedure for women to see that it is ‘safer than giving birth’.

Dear Emily,

The first part (around 0:15) where you react to finding out you’re pregnant is über annoying. I can almost promise that reaction is not indicative of most women who find out they’re unintentionally pregnant. You’re putting out a false impression from the beginning of this video to the very end.

You kept saying “I just want to tell my story”. Okay, then why didn’t you tell it? You didn’t tell your story. You shared a video of your thoughts and your head during a procedure which could not be seen. Telling your story would have involved the background information on how you became pregnant. Who is the father? Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Did you hook up with some guy in a bar? How does he feel about your decision? Was he a part of the decision process?

“I’m supported by everyone.” – No, dearest Emily, you’re not. *I* don’t support you. There are MANY who don’t support you. I would bet that not even every friend and/or family member supports you…

“I’m lucky because I feel completely comfortable with my decision.”, “Pretty lucky girl”, “I’m a lucky girl.”, “Everyone deserves it”, “Cool, so good.” I am so happy for you and the wonderful luck you have. You’d think that a truly ‘lucky’ person wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place… That baby you just killed, not so lucky. But hey, you’re cool and good, so who cares? Right?

“It was right for me and no one else.” – Correct. It was right for you. It was completely wrong for that baby and life you just murdered.

Your video doesn’t tell your story. It doesn’t even show the actual experience a typical woman experiences during an abortion. Definitely not mine.

At 2:55 you say “I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life.” You just admitted that you took a life. You made a baby and then destroyed it. Those are YOUR words. This is where I become so confused with your being okay with it.

At this point, I no longer feel guilt or sadness over my decision. The reason I don’t is because I have been released from it through my acceptance of Christ in my life. It’s been forgiven, so I have forgiven myself.

But to say you have no guilt or sadness – immediately after such a procedure seems, to me – a sign of Sociopathy. I don’t say that flippantly, nor do I say it in a judgmental manner.

Sociopathy is defined as a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social

Just because our society has deemed this a ‘legal’ procedure doesn’t make it any less criminal and it is definitely morally irresponsible. Your very own words expressing that it was a baby, a life, that you took show that it was morally irresponsible.

Your video is not indicative of most abortion experiences, filled with hypocrisy and contrary views. I question, honestly, whether or not you were even pregnant. A video of your face doesn’t actually show your procedure. It showed your face while you had a procedure. Which, if you weren’t pregnant, could have been staged.

Then I wonder if, perhaps, you got yourself pregnant purposely in order to make such a video. Which, still didn’t actually show your procedure.

If you truly wanted to tell your ‘story’ – you would have. This video wasn’t your story. This video was your procedure and procedure only … If it happened at all…

UPDATE: Found this picture in a thread about her video. Her ‘words’ may say she isn’t sad or doesn’t feel bad, but her face tells a different story…

before and after abortion

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