“Marriage” vs “Civil Union”

So good, had to share:

Ran into a guy named Chris Farmer on a FB post about gay marriage. Here is his opinion on the gay marriage equality movement (posted with his permission), with which I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve just never heard anyone word it so well:

As a heterosexual atheist raised in a devoutly Christian home, I feel like I see this issue more clearly than most.

The whole issue of ‘gay marriage’ is not really about government benefits. If it were, it would be simple enough to change the governmental title to ‘civil union’ and give both gays and hetero couples the benefits equally and accordingly. Marriage, however, is a pact between ‘God’ and the couple and should not be recognized as a governmental ‘institution’ (though it already is).

The Bible explicitly forbids unions of the same sex. Gays that want to get ‘married’ simply want Christians to accept that their union is ‘holy’, which changes the Biblical definition of marriage. So really, gays want Christians/biblical religions to say or ‘admit’ that god accepts gays as married when according to the bible he doesn’t and explicitly says so. To me, this issue is about ‘gay Christians’ that are fearing for their souls and want government and ‘biblical religionists’ to ‘ok’ their union as if that will have god accept them into heaven.

From what I’ve heard, gays that are only looking for the benefits extended by government to ‘married’ couples’ are not interested in redefining the word ‘marriage’, only the extension of those benefits afforded to married couples under the law, even if titled as a ‘civil union’.

Weigh in on the Debate

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