Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Often times, since starting *Clean* Funny Pics, I get messages, emails, comments, etc from people for all sorts of things. Hate mail, love mail, thank you mail, advice mail… All sorts.

Sometimes people message asking if I think it’s okay that they do this, that or the other. While it is flattering that one values my opinion – I am no one. I don’t matter. No, of course I don’t mean I don’t matter to anyone or God – of course I do. What I mean is – when it comes to you and God, my opinions don’t matter. Nor do the opinions of your friends. Only God’s opinion matters.  

Recently, a young lady wrote me asking if I thought it was wrong for her, as a Christian, to follow and participate on a particular Facebook page because a ‘friend’ of hers had called her on it – in a public manner – accusing her of not being a Christian.


What follows is what I told her…

What I think about a person’s Christianity – yours or anyone’s – is of no consequence. I do not say who I do or don’t think is a good Christian or otherwise. I look at a person’s fruits and decide for myself whether or not to place much stock into what they’re saying. It doesn’t mean, however, that I’m going to verbally spank them with my decision. Which means I can’t –won’t- say whether or not I think following [the Facebook Page in question] means you are or aren’t a good Christian.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, so, I’ll just leave you with this…

What you do or don’t do.
What you follow or don’t follow.
What you comment on or don’t comment on.

Those things are between you and God. You and God and no one else.

I have a little ‘rule’ that I use for such a situation. Someone shared it with my a couple years ago and it was – and is – the best advice I was ever given. (Honestly, I wish someone had given it to me 20+ years ago – before I was a Christian, because if they had, I would have avoided a lot of problems in my life. Problems that, looking back, were self inflicted.)

In everything you do –
In all walks of life from now until the day you die –
Whether you are a Christian, Agnostic or Atheist –
This is a fantastic rule to live by…

Does Daddy care if I put baloney in the DVD player?

If you find you’re asking yourself, or someone else, whether or not you should do something – the answer is always, always, always – “No”

In keeping with the example of whether or not you should like [Facebook page]… If, at the time you liked it, you never questioned if you should or shouldn’t like the page, then what your friend says and thinks is of little consequence – no consequence, actually.

However, if, at the time you liked it, you found yourself wondering “Should I like this page?” – then maybe liking it is something to think about. If you find that the only reason you’re asking “Was I wrong to like this page?” is because of your friend’s words – Then why worry about it?

If you do something that doesn’t cause you to ask that question before you do it and someone then takes issue with whatever it was you did… Psh. That doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

It’s why the rules for *Clean* Funny Pics state “If I posted it, then it’s clean”. It’s in there like that because for any picture I find myself asking “Should I post this?” – I don’t post it.

Most of the things I find, that are funny to me, I post them on *Clean* Funny Pics without much thought. I just post them. But if I hesitate before posting one… If I question whether or not I should post it… Even if it’s only for second… Even if I don’t consciously know why I hesitated…

I. Don’t. Post. It.


(It’s also why I’ll defend a post to the degree I do when someone calls it into question.)

So, what I’m saying is… The answer to the question of whether or not liking [Facebook page] is right or wrong is within you and has been all along…

True Story

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