Handbasket Travel

This last week has been banner. I don’t think I’ve ever lost this much hope in humanity in such a short time. The lack of respect is just … overwhelming.

Teenage hyper-correctors feeling it is their right, no – their duty – to correct a person’s grammar… The value of a dog’s life more important than that of a child’s… A child, arguing with his mother over a cupcake – referring to her by her first name and calling her ‘honey’…

Does no one teach a child to respect adults – or people in general –  these days?

And when I say I’ve lost hope in humanity, it doesn’t mean that ALL my hope was placed in humanity and it doesn’t mean that my faith is in humanity. It means that the hope I had for humanity is gone. It’s separate from my hope and faith in Christ…

We are in a hand basket and people are still wondering why – when the answer is plain and simple, but it’s been coming on for awhile.

It started long ago, but I’m not sure when it tanked this bad.

I won’t discuss, for the umpteenth time, my disgust at the number of people who want to save Mickey the killer dog. Although I could fill several blog posts on the topic because everyday I learn something new about the story that equally disgusts me. Displacing the blame is one thing, saying the dog is innocent is another. Last time I checked, when someone who has suffered abuse attempts to murder someone they’re still punished and not let go because they were abused. Making that same excuse for a dog is reprehensible. But, I digress…

And I’ll spare another dissertation on my distaste for Grammar Snotsies. I just can’t understand why a teenager thinks it’s appropriate for them to correct an adult. Especially when some are encouraged, by parents, to do it.

Someone shared this video of a little boy trying to convince his mother why he should be allowed to eat a cupcake at Grandma’s house. The kid is absolutely adorable and clearly very smart, but the simple fact that he was debating with her after she told him no is disturbing. Not only is he allowed to talk back, he’s allowed to go on about it for several minutes. Almost encouraged to do it at times. Once he was told no, he may have cried, gotten mad, whatever, but in my opinion, he shouldn’t have been allowed to debate it.

But that’s not even the bad part. The bad part is the fact that the kid was then rewarded with a trip to the Ellen Degeneres show where he was then given 100s of cupcakes. Then the mom was given a weekend at the spa and a $10,000 check.

And even that’s not the part that is the most disgusting. The thing that is beyond my capability of understanding is how it’s going viral all over the place as this awesome thing. People just think it’s great and I’m in the minority because I think it’s abuse.

Yes, that’s right. Abuse.

What are we teaching the kid? What are we teaching the mother? What are we teaching other kids? Other moms? Video tape your kid’s bad behavior and if it gets enough attention, you can go on Ellen and get money.

Respect isn’t taught anymore. The mother said she recorded it and posted it on Youtube just for family and it wasn’t her intent for it to go viral. Maybe it wasn’t. It probably wasn’t, but I think she’s missing the point. I would have never recorded my son’s bad behavior and shared with anyone, much less – my family.

I really hope she hangs onto that money. One day she’s going to need it to post bail for that kid when he argues with a cop who is about to give him a ticket.

I remember, when I was in high school/college, my dad saying how my generation wasn’t respectful and were this, that or the other. He was right, we weren’t nearly as respectful to authority as his generation was, and they weren’t as respectful as his parent’s generation was. It seems to have gotten worse and worse with each generation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many in every mentioned generation that are taught respect – but far less than there once was. What I couldn’t ever understand is who dropped the ball… My generation wasn’t respectful or goal oriented – but his generation raised mine… So, did they fail to teach it or did they fail to enforce it? Or was my generation just overly rebellious?

And now, the current generation’s lack of respect comes from somewhere too. The bad thing, now, is that not only does youth push the boundaries, they’ve got the support of millions when they do it. The internet backs them up or enjoys it so things go viral.

So, what do I do? I over-shelter my kids when it comes to the net and television. What’s funny is that in all other matters I don’t shelter and I’m not over-protective.

My kids go out and behave like kids do – running, playing, climbing – and they get hurt. Big deal. I don’t worry about that. Bruises happen, bones break, all those things heal. Bruising or breaking my child’s psyche or innocence never completely heal, if at all. And I have relatives who are very judgmental about it.

Relatives have children the same age as mine – and younger – who are on the internet, have iPods, iPads, laptops and even their own smart phones. The only reason both my kids have a 3DS is because they saved up their money and bought them for themselves. And even then, if I’d not been okay with it – I wouldn’t have allowed it.

Believe me, I know that doesn’t teach respect. We do that here in other ways. But what it doesn’t do is teach them how to disrespect. Or how to disrespect and get rewarded for it…

If this rate of decline continues, I can’t imagine what’s in store for us in the next few years…



One thought on “Handbasket Travel”

  1. “Discipline your son, for there is hope; do not set your heart on putting him to death” (Proverbs 19:18). Yep…failing to discipline your kids is abuse. It’s tantamount to murder. You’re setting them up for total ruination, destruction, death.


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