McConaughey – Hollywood’s New Poster Boy Christian, or not…

What is with all the kudos and brouhaha over Matthew McConaughey and his Oscar speech? I don’t have a TV. We watch stuff streamed from the net. I wasn’t even aware the Oscars were on this past weekend. But then my FB feed was filled with all these people giving McConaughey all sorts of respect for his speech in which he thanks God. So, I checked it out.

Okay, so here were my thoughts while watching:
1) Someone needs to teach Jennifer Garner how to open an envelope.
2) That was nice of Matthew to hug DeCaprio
3) Matthew needs to gain more of his weight back.
4) Thanking God? That’s nice. And unusual.
5) Wait. Thanking God and he makes some of the movies he does? Hmmmm….
6) Welp, there went God’s thanks right out the window.
7) Aw, he called his mom “Momma”
8) Someone also needs to tell Jennifer Garner and that other chick that it’s rude to talk while someone is giving a speech.
9) Whoa, whoa, whoa. He’s his own hero? Uhm…
10) Alright. Alright. Alright. – Love it! Paying homage to the movie that started it all for him. That’s cool…


Here’s my thing. It was all well and good that he thanked God. It was refreshing even, considering the stuff that usually is mentioned in those speeches. But see, that wasn’t God he was thanking. He thinks it was, but it wasn’t. It was something far worse. You can’t serve two masters.

Matthew says he looks up to God when it is clear he doesn’t. (Never mind the awkward applause from the audience.) If he truly looked up to God and were thankful to Him, he wouldn’t have made most of the movies he made *cough* Magic Mike *cough*, including the one he’s just been given and Oscar for.

He grew up in the Bible Belt, so I’d like to think he at least knows something about Scripture. Not saying those that didn’t grow up in the Bible Belt don’t, it’s just harder to escape it here… He should know that the Bible states ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’. It’s nothing, in my opinion, but lip service when you thank God but live a life that is quite the opposite of a Godly life. He’d also know that none of those things he said about his father were so…

He’s got things in the right order, even though his fruits don’t line up. God and then family. But it was after that TenBitWeird_zps9613d658 when it got… a bit weird.

He’s his own hero. Uhm. How does that even work? It doesn’t. It can’t. Even he knows it can’t. But, for me anyway, that’s just another way he negated what he said about God being first.

If God were truly the One he was most thankful to and for, then God would also be his hero.

It should be God, then family, then work. In that order. Funny thing is, if you get the first part right, the rest of it is so easy you don’t even realize it’s taking place.

I like McConaughey. He’s a decent actor, love his accent and I’d be lying if I didn’t say he was good looking. (Still have a great picture of him, and some other random actors, taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet… Don’t ask me why. I’m not sure I know why – part of my youth I’ve not parted with yet. I guess…) He’s just not the poster boy for a Christian in Hollywood like many are trying to make him. Not even close.

Maybe he’s headed in the right direction. Who knows, his hero may have it right in the next ten years… or the next… or the next…

And for goodness sakes Matthew, EAT A CHEESEBURGER or SOMETHING!






One thought on “McConaughey – Hollywood’s New Poster Boy Christian, or not…”

  1. Yes! Thank you! It seems like everyone is so itching to label any actor that mentions God as a Christian that they tend to overlook their lifestyles. It’s frustrating. Obviously, nobody is perfect, but come on!


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