The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

Here awhile back I was in a funk. Happens from time to time with me. Anyway, I was in a funk and dealing with some inner demons from my past. I’m not a poet. Nowhere close. For whatever reason, something told me to pick up a pen and write. So I did. This was the result.

I’m sad
I don’t really know why
Everything is depressing
I can only cry

My past is tragic
My future seems bleak
I can’t take much more of this
I’m not strong, I’m weak

God lives in my heart
Satan clutters my mind
He fills it with bad memories
Anything he can find

I must not listen
To those voices that afflict
It only leads to sadness
It only makes me sick

God is always with me
I hold Him in my soul
God is oh so powerful
Satan is in His control

I must change how I listen
Listen with my heart
When Satan tries to fill my mind
I must not let him start

I must believe my beliefs
Learn to doubt my doubts
I must ignore the one
God chose to cast out

It’s a daily battle
I know not how long it will last
I must remind Satan of his future
When he reminds me of my past

The battle in my mind
It’s always an uphill fight
I can defeat Satan’s voices
My future can be bright

My mind will always be a battlefield
A struggle with every thought
Silencing Satan in my mind?
Well, that the Greatest Battle Ever Fought


6 thoughts on “The Greatest Battle Ever Fought”

  1. Despair and unbelief are the hardest sin in the world to fight (and I, too, know from looooooong experience). They’re also the deadliest. Fight on, sister!

    One weapon I’ve been learning to wield lately is gratitude. Sometimes I get all profound with “Thank you, Lord, for Big Spiritual Things like Salvation,” but more often it’s “Thank you, Lord for post-it notes and popsicles and pillows.” My attention’s turned toward God, I recognize how much He has blessed me, and the enemy can hardly get a word in edgewise!


      1. Yes…another one I’m learning is “Thank you for my story.” I may not get why event X happened, but I get that He is the perfect Author who is writing the perfect book, and what’s a great book without some darkness and drama?


      2. That’s great! “Thank you for my story…” I may use that… What a great title for a book!!! (Hope it’s okay if I do use it… Let me know if it’s not!)


  2. P.S. Two best things about the Interwebs:

    1) Encouraging the brethren (or…um…the sistern)
    2) Making people laugh.

    You’re a pretty useful person to know in both regards. ;^)


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