Evolution vs Creation: Who Cares?

So, I sat down – ready to write the second half of my thoughts on the Nye vs Ham debate. I mistakenly thought this would be easier than the first one. I was wrong.

come to the dark side

I have far too much to say about their talking points. It would never fit into one blog post, would be mostly ranting and completely opinion – mine. Not gonna say that won’t happen in this post, but in my original draft it was out of control!

Bill Nye wore bow ties before Matt Smith’s Doctor did, but they weren’t cool then.

Do I start with Bill Nye counting the number of bowties in the audience seemingly to see how many people are dressed like he is? Perhaps he thinks he’s influenced the wearing of bowties… Uh, no. The Doctor did that. You may have worn them first, but you perpetuate the ‘nerd’ stigma they have. Matt Smith is who made them cool.

Or, do I talk about the two sciences, Observational Science and Historical Science, that Nye seemed to balk at? He calls himself a rational man or a free thinker…? I don’t know, but honestly. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what we know and can observe now is different than seeing the final result of something. Does he not realize that’s exactly what he’s doing when he presents evolution and the age of the earth? He’s applying what he knows (thinks he knows) now to what he guesses happened then.

I mean, look at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Clearly, some sort of Science was used to build it. Since we weren’t there to witness the building, guesses, or hypotheses, Wilf Aliens Doctor Whomust be made. No one has yet to explain, not only how the stone used to make them was transported, (Over 2 tons each) but how precise each and every block fit together. They are set together so closely that a thin razor blade cannot be inserted between the stones. Any hypothesis made about the pyramid must be made based on the science we have now. And really, whose to say the science we have now is limited compared to then? We can only observe the finished product. So, how’d they get there? How was any of that possible? Who knows?

I could sit here and go over each and everything and why I think Nye is erroneous, but  – like I said – I see no point when the man himself disproved everything he’d said with his final words. Then I thought speaking on the absolutely ludicrous pictures that showed up on the internet overnight. It’s quite childish really, but some baffled me.

change your mind nye hamWhat would change your mind? Evidence or nothing? And somehow ‘Nothing’ is presented as a negative thing? I guess that’s where the people on the ‘evidence’ side of the debate lose me. NOTHING changing your mind is a far more sturdy platform than ‘I won’t change my mind until I see evidence. Then I will update all my opinions and assumptions on it… Until tomorrow when you give me more ‘evidence’…’

And see, I don’t care if you even presented me with some so-called evidence. If it contradicts the Word, it’s not evidence. It’s a stumbling block – and I have no use for those.uGb0a74

nye expert

And a self declared expert… Really? There are people who say you can’t use the Bible to prove that the Bible is correct – and I get that. So, why then do those same people accept this? Bill Nye is correct because he says so. (It’s like the people who blindly believe Snopes…)

At no point with the Bible disprove itself. Nye will and admits as much. What he was an expert in last week is something new this week. This is okay with unbelievers, but the Word -that hasn’t changed in thousands of years- is a problem? Yeah, that makes sense.


tumblr_mimz2wlXe11s6zdqso1_1280For someone so smart, he sure is dumb. What’s up with his insistence that those who believe in creation don’t believe in science? We believe in science. We believe science is perfect. It’s you and your imperfections we don’t believe in.

Look, there are things in the natural and things in the spiritual. The natural man (Scientist) spends his time looking at the past. The spiritual man spends his time looking at the future – the promises to come. Science achieves things by looking backward. The spiritual achieve things by looking forward. Why would the spiritual ever want to look back? That’s what Satan does. He keeps you focused on the past – your past. That is what keeps you from focusing on your future (and his!).

Things in the natural, science, scientists… they do everything backwards. Think about it. They even count backwards! They start at 10 and go backward to liftoff. The spiritual don’t do that. They go with the 1,2,3 … 6 days of creation and keep counting up! The natural, upon liftoff, go on up to outer space, hang out awhile and then come back to the earth. The spiritual, upon their liftoff, meetup in the sky with the Bridegroom and keep on going!

It’s not that we don’t believe in science. We do. It’s interesting and fantastic. It’s just not what matters the most to us. We look at science and see all the things that God has already done. We don’t care about HOW He did it. No one cares what means He used. What matters is that He did it and by it, through it, we can see our future.


The natural shows the spiritual. The natural is a type for the spiritual. The moon… and sun… Yeah, we know the moon is there all day, Bill. Did you know it represents the Christian?

The moon represents the Christian, the sun represents Christ. When the sun goes away, the world becomes dark. Its the moon’s job to reflect the light of the sun onto the, otherwise dark, earth until the sun returns. Just as it’s the Christian’s job is to reflect the light of the Son into the, otherwise dark, earth until He returns!

Again, I say – this whole thing depends on who you put your trust in… The perfection of an infallible God or the fallible limitations of man? Stuart Chase said “To those who believe, no proof is necessary. To those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” When I first read that, I agree – but upon further thought… I don’t agree. Proof is possible.

It’s man provided proof that’s not possible…

2 thoughts on “Evolution vs Creation: Who Cares?”

  1. I honestly cannot tell if you are trolling or if you are so scientifically and logically ignorant that you were able to type up this post with a straight face — but, if you are serious, I guess you managed to sum it up yourself by declaring that “nothing” is a better stance to take when changing one’s mind than “evidence”.

    Your points are so soggy I can’t even fathom how they made sense to you as you came up with them. “Bill Nye didn’t make bow-ties cool!” “Scientists count DOWN for a rocket launch” … This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read, and, since “nothing” will change your mind anyway, I won’t waste any more of my time here. I sincerely hope you realize within time how important education is, and the poison that having a religious mindset implies on the world.

    On behalf of anyone with a brain in his/her head, I hereby face-palm your article, and the ugly, petty, nonsensical, illogical, imbecilic views it (barely) manages to communicate.


    1. Funny. Nothing you said can be taken seriously when you’re not even man (or woman) enough to use a real name and real email address… But, thanks for the content to add to my wall of shame!


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