Who Shut The Door??

My oldest son, Harrison, is so much like me it’s … scary. I never wanted to raise ‘me’, but it looks like I will be. 0.o

When he was about 5, he was staying with my sister, Paige, while Tom and I went out. When we got there to pick him up, my sister’s sliding glass door was open and they were outside. She left it open because it was a nice day and he had been having trouble opening the door. This way, he could go in and out as he wanted. We decided to sit outside and visit for awhile. She lives in a condo, so we were on the sidewalk off to the side of her house.

I went in to use her bathroom and when I came out, I closed the sliding glass door. Understandable, right? I didn’t know why it was left open, and it’s just habit to close doors behind me. Harrison starts telling us about Paige’s cat that was under her car. She told him to go inside and get some left over chicken for the cat and it would come out. He goes barreling down the side walk, around the corner, and – oh yes – you guessed it “BAM!” He smacked into the door.

It shook the windows he hit it so hard. I was literally ROFL, except it was the sidewalk. Tom says “What was that?” when he realized what had happened, he went to check on him. Me? I was still laughing.

Harrison got the chicken and came out to feed the cat, leaving the door open so it wouldn’t happen again. We’re still outside visiting when my niece comes out and visits with us too. After a few minutes, we decided it was time to leave. Harrison had brought some toys with him and he said he was going to go get them. He tore off down the sidewalk and around the corner again.

I’m sure you can probably tell where I’m going with this…

He rounded the corner and … wait for it … “BAM!” right into the glass door – again. When my niece came out, she – understandably – closed the door behind her. The windows shook and I literally was on the sidewalk again – laughing. This time, I was laughing so hard there were tears streaming down my face.

As soon as he hit the door, very loudly and angrily, he yells “Who keeps shutting this door?!”

My husband says “He hit the door again? … Okay, first I was kinda concerned, now it’s just funny.”

We go around the corner to check on him, he’s rubbing his face and  says “Why was the door shut?”

I said “I don’t know, but how did you run into it again?”

“I didn’t see it!”

I kinda laughed, I was trying not to laugh in front of him, but it snuck out when I said “Son, I can understand the first time, but the second time I would have thought you’d see the face print you left on the glass from before…”
Clearly, the ‘clumsy’ gene struck him too.

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