Just an Update

Part Two of my thoughts on the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate is in the works. Hopefully will have it show up later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, as I think I mentioned, I’m moving some blog posts from my *Clean* Funny Pics site to this one so I can leave that site for mainly pictures. If you have a request of something you’d like me to share or talk about, please pass it along and let me know. I’m open to ideas.

I have some very good information about the effects of gun control that I’m sitting on at the moment, but I’m not able to print it – yet. So, that’s coming soon.

Also, I’ve begun a book of stories and conversations similar to what I post on the Facebook Shelley page. If you’re interested in knowing the latest about the book and when it’s headed to publishing, subscribe to this blog via email.

Have a great day and talk to y’all soon!

Weigh in on the Debate

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