Don’t be a victim…

Kids and their imaginative play is rather fascinating. Sometimes, it shows us -as parents- what we’re like in their eyes, or how they see the world. I feel that it can be used as a means for a life lesson as well.

My kids were pretending to run a store. (By the looks of this picture, a junk store…) They had hours set up, prices, and the whole shabang. After they’d played awhile, they gave me a handful of their play money and asked me to come shopping. I told them I would, but I had to finish something up first.


I finished up what I was doing and headed toward their store. I went in, looked a moment when one of them asked if they could help me.

I said “Yes” pulled out a cap gun and pointed it at them “Give me all your money.”

They put their hands up and I took their money and merchandise. Even hit the ‘cha-ching’ button that opened the cash register. One says “Hey. That’s not fair!”

As I walked away, I said “Not my fault you don’t have protection. Next time, choose not to be a victim.” I went to my room, sat down, played with the LEGOs I lifted and ate their candy.

I feel like this was a very good life lesson for them to remember. If not, some day they’ll have something good to tell their therapist.

*Note for those who are about to call me a bad parent, say this is offensive and the like* – Keep your ‘I’m offended’ comments, and similar, to yourself. My kids are happy, hilarious and don’t take themselves too seriously and *THAT* is the real lesson here. (And I didn’t really eat their candy…)

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