Don’t Kick and I Won’t Bite

I’m sure everyone is aware of the controversy around Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty. In case you’re not, he stated he disagreed with homosexuality and because of it the gay and lesbian community called for the cancelling of the show. You can read more about it here.

In the comments and conversations taking place on various websites, some have said we no longer have free speech, others point out free speech doesn’t apply. Some point out that A&E were well within their rights to make that decision, others say they over stepped.

The thing is, Phil wasn’t on the show when he said it. He was giving an interview, I assume, on his free time. Since when is it okay to, not only fire someone for their personal opinions, but fire them for stating those personal opinions outside of work? This is not okay. (A petition to have Phil Robertson reinstated can be found here)

If a Christian business owner found out that he had an employee who wasn’t a Christian, or was running the Christian faith into the ground – after work hours – and fired him because of it… This country would be losing its mind.

See, you can run Christianity and Christians into the ground and it’s okay. You’ll even have support. You say you don’t agree with the ‘worldly’ lifestyle and you’re crucified. (Sounds familiar…)

That’s the case in many scenarios. You can say what you want about gun owners, insinuating that they’re megalomaniac, borderline psychopaths lacking in physical prowess, but state you’re pro gun or a gun owner…

Even worse… An African American can say they’re proud to be black, an Italian can say they’re proud of their Italian ancestry, an Irishman, Russian, etc. But a white person stating they’re proud of their heritage, proud to be white or anything remotely close to that and they’re deemed a racist who would like to own slaves.

Then when something like this hits the news and Christians support the person (or entity, ie Chic-Fil-A) they’re deemed bigoted and homophobic.


Let’s talk about that a moment. Almost a year ago *many* famous people got together and made a video insisting that the government make stricter gun laws (nevermind the fact that every single one of them had wielded guns in violent movies). Then the Chic-Fil-A fiasco happened and *many* famous people spoke out against Chic-Fil-A stating they’d no longer eat there or hoped that everyone who ate there would get cancer and die.

I don’t recall anyone calling for the firing of any of those stars. I don’t recall some grassroots movement to have them thrown out of Hollywood. Oh, believe me, I’m sure there were some who would have loved to see that movement happen, but it didn’t. Was it because no one was vocal enough about it? Was it because no one spoke up, started it…? Or was it because no one cares what you do or don’t believe in until your beliefs don’t line up with the Liberal agenda?

GLAAD, a gay and lesbian rights group, came out (no pun intended) and called for A&E to take action. They didn’t call for a boycott of the show from their supporters – which would have been understandable. No, they wanted A&E to cancel the show.

That’s the problem for most of us. Most of us are “do what you want to do – that’s cool” and move on with life, but it becomes increasingly harder to have that attitude toward these sorts of things when we’re constantly berated and dragged over the coals for doing what we want to do. We are called ‘intolerant’ because we disagree with a belief by those who don’t get that disagreeing and ‘intolerance’ are two different things – not to mention they don’t see how intolerant they are of those they claim are intolerant. (Honestly, those hollering ‘intolerance’ are some of the most intolerant people I’ve ever come across.)

It’s kinda like the dog owner that kicks their dog around. One day the dog bites them and they’re they surprised by it. Not only are the surprised by it, they either get rid of the dog or have it put down. Well, when you started abusing the dog to get it to behave the way you wanted, you should have realized you were teaching the dog how to get you to behave how it wanted.

Verbally you may have been telling your dog that it’s not okay for it to bite, but your actions were teaching it the opposite. Our actions, sometimes, speak so loudly that no one can hear our voices.

Phil Robertson was the proverbial dog A&E got rid of when they decided to suspend him from appearing on the show. Funny thing is, it wasn’t even them that got bit. It was the little Johnny from down the street. Little Johnny was throwing rocks at the dog when it happened, but the dog was still sent away to live on the farm…

Clearly, it’s not okay for those on the Conservative end of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum to ‘bite’ back… It’s not okay for a Christian to stand up for what they believe in… It’s not okay for the the gun owner to take a stand on gun control… It’s not okay to be proud of white heritage…

So, if it’s not okay for us to ‘bite’, then stop kicking us around.

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