Congratulations Facebook, You Win.

I give up. You win. I quit.

I started *Clean* Funny Pics almost 2 1/2 years ago on a whim. I was bored. It spun into something so much more. It’s been a source of enjoyment, fun, fulfillment and happiness – but Facebook seems insistent on removing me from Facebook and I’m tired of fighting.

A few months after *Clean* Funny Pics took off, I started getting friend requests from the regulars on the page. That quickly got out of hand, so I switched to “followers”, but before I could – Facebook locked me out of my account because I’d accepted too many friend requests. This makes no sense to me, but I digress.

In order to regain access to your account you had to ‘verify’ that you were a real person. The way in which they have you do this is by showing you pictures from your friends’ albums and giving you a choice of the names of three of your friends. You were allowed to ‘skip’ twice, in case you came across pics you weren’t sure of.

Well, that was pointless for me. Not only because I’d had just added new friends, but because there are a LARGE number of people out there who don’t post pictures of themselves, but their kids, grandkids, vacations, artwork, etc. Well, I don’t always know these things – even though I know the person. You’d think I would, since they’re on my friend’s list and all, but we all know that FB doesn’t show you everything your friends post. If I’ve never seen these pics, how am I supposed to know who posted a picture from their trip to the Hoover Dam in 1976?

I finally found a way to contact FB and ask them what I could do to prove I am real. They required a copy of my ID. I blocked out lots of personal info and reluctantly uploaded a copy of it.  Wasn’t happy about it, but without access to FB I couldn’t access *Clean* Funny Pics.

In the meantime I’ve been banned a LARGE number of times. The first time I got in trouble by FB it was for leaving a comment that basically reiterated something I’d read in the New England Journal of Medicine. I was told my comment was removed because it bullied or harassed. Still not sure who, exactly, that would be nor did I understand it. But, I lived with it.

The next thing I did was I stated that [certain person] was banned by my husband because they were rude and condescending. I was warned – and banned for three days- for bullying and harassing. Now, the condescending, rude and hateful remark they left was not a problem, but my pointing out their rudeness was.

The next time I was banned, it was for 30 days – again for bullying and harassing. Which is ludicrous when all I did was respond to someone who wished someone would shoot my children. Apparently, wishing harm to someone’s child is okay – but sharing that information with others, is not.

Since then there’s been a 1 day ban for posting an inappropriate picture of what ‘appeared’ to be a boy skinny dipping. The boy was in the background, about the size of a small caterpillar and was wearing brown shorts. Next time was for posting an inappropriate picture of what ‘appeared’ to be dead people covered in ice. It wasn’t. It was mannequins as it was the set of a movie. (However, as recently as yesterday, reporting a picture in which a man jumped from a height and committed suicide wasn’t a violation.)

Through all that, I’ve kept calm and carried on (well, not really, but I have carried on…). Not anymore. I give up. I concede. Facebook wins.

This morning I noticed that if I have someone blocked on my personal profile (or they me) I cannot see their comments on pages I own/admin/manage. This is a problem. It used to be that their comment would show, with their name, but it wasn’t clickable or tagable, but now – you can’t see it. I figured FB had made (another) change and didn’t realize this little glitch.

I went to the help ‘community’ pages and looked to see if anyone else had noticed. They’d not, so I posed my question and posted it. When I did, my whole screen refreshed and asked me to sign back in.

Okay… this only happens when you’ve been banned or kicked off for some reason. Sure enough…

Facebook wanted me to verify my account to prove I was a real person. Why? They already have my ID. As a matter of fact, just a couple months ago I logged in and was notified that because the middle name I had entered into my account didn’t match what was on my ID, they removed it and then prevented me from changing it to anything – ever again. So, this is just madness.

Again, you have to identify people in pictures. Like this:

verify Steve

If you click it, you can see it’s asking you to key in the person’s name. No longer multiple choice. So, I keyed it in – hit enter to go to the next page of pictures and get this:

Verify nothing

Maybe I’m just paranoid, I don’t know, but without actually showing me pictures – no way I can verify who is in them.

I logged out and decided to try again. This time I got 5 full screens, pictures and all and when I was done correctly verifying those in the pictures, I got this:

Verify took too long

It’s pretty clear to me that Facebook doesn’t want me and I’m tired of fighting for them to keep me. I’ve been accused of not being consistent in my rules for the page and sometimes, when it was pointed out – I made some changes. Other times, I disagreed, but at least I consistently disagreed… Facebook explains what they consider bullying or harassing, but then they don’t remove those pictures that do just that. For instance – wishing my kids dead. That was reported – yet remained.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.22.31 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.22.46 AM

So, off of Facebook I shall be. Only posting and linking from other places – autoposts from Twitter, Google+, the website, etc. It’s the only way to get rid of the headache.


5 thoughts on “Congratulations Facebook, You Win.”

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! Oddly enough, they have recently laid off on attacking me. I was thinking that maybe I surpassed the amount of times they ban you, as if I got through the Fire Swamp or something. Ha!

    You are the cleanest person out there!


  2. Oh I wish this was April Fool’s! I understand your reasoning and don’t blame you one bit…but you will be missed! (and I do mean you and your personal interactions; the auto posts are good but no auto-anything can replace a person!)


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