Backdoor to Gun Control Legislation

Remember when Obama promised he was working on gun control behind the scenes? When he promised he’d pass gun control legislation? Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) raised the ‘Clean Air Act’ regulations by 10 fold causing the last lead smelting plant to fold up shop. No lead = no need for gun control.

buy ammo from government cartoon

It would have, reportedly, cost the plant, located in Herculaneum MO, $100 million to comply. The EPA said that the company “made a business decision” to shut down rather than installing pollution control technologies needed to reduce sulfur dioxide and lead emissions as required by the Clean Air Act. In other words, they’re saying “We didn’t shut them down, they chose to close up.” When, in fact, the President and EPA actually forced their hand.

This explains why the US government and military have been buying up ammo. They knew this was coming. Now, all domestically mined lead ore will be shipped overseas, refined and then shipped back to the US. Ammo will now be even HARDER to come by and the demand will cause the price to go up to even more unreasonable and unaffordable rates. Plus, we’ll most likely have to purchase said ammo from the government. Wonder if bullet tracking and registration will come to fruition?

The Obama administration is pressing through with gun control through the back door and flanking the 2nd Amendment. It’s our move, Patriots.

7 thoughts on “Backdoor to Gun Control Legislation”

  1. This is why I shoot black powder. I don’t have to rely on the government for my led/ammo. I can make my bullets from any thing from Lead fishing weights to tire weights (Which isn’t actual lead any more and it is said that it isn’t as ‘efficient’ a projectile, But I’ve never noticed a difference. This wouldn’t be a problem if people would learn to be more self sufficient and learn how to make their own powder/bullets (both of which are a much easier process then people seem to think it is, and the materials are not hard to come by, and in fact are easy enough to come by and impossible to regulate to a point that the government has no way to really effectively regulate it.


  2. The regs could be fought… this sounds like legislating via regulation…
    Or, you go on a collecting spree, get up all the car batteries you can find… they are full of lead (and acid) and you could use that lead to make bullets yourself… etc.


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