The Most Discussed Claus(e)…

It’s the Claus(e) that incites anger, causes arguments divides families, ends friendships, and caused whole nations to crumble!

I’m talking, of course, about the “Claus(e)” known as Santa. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating- a little- about nations crumbling…

But seriously, post something that uses tongue-in-cheek science to prove Santa doesn’t exist or post a pic that accuses Santa of favoring the rich…


One that points out parents are lying to their children


Or one that jokes about Santa being dead


And people lose their minds.

Upon becoming parents, many of us are faced with the decision… Do we tell our kids there is a Santa or do we not? For some, there’s no question. Santa is a magical part of childhood and it’s something they want their children to experience. They remember the joy of Santa from when they were children. They remember being too excited to sleep, thinking Santa could be in the living room at that moment-leaving presents under the tree, snacking on the milk and cookies left for him. They remember how great all that wonderment was and want their child to experience it.

For others, there’s no question that telling their children a lie is wrong. It’s odd to them to
tell their kids that someone is always watching them and awards them accordingly. If they’re good, he will enter their home-unnoticed-leave presents under the dead tree in the living room and then stuff your socks with candy. (There’s something to be said about putting a spin on things)

Well, the fact of the matter is, those that let their children believe there’s a Santa, they’re not wrong. Those that disagree will get over it. As for those who tell their children that there’s no such thing as Santa, they’re also not wrong. Anyone who disagrees will get over it.

What I’m saying is that neither choice is wrong. One is right for you and the other is wrong for you. Whichever you choose is the right choice! It may be right for you, but it doesn’t make it ‘right’ and vice versa.

Santa or no Santa isn’t one of those things like Pro- Choice vs Pro-Life, or homosexuality, abstinence, etc. Those are black and white issues, Santa, Easter Egg hunts, Christmas Tree, etc, those are gray areas. What I mean is if you’re using the Bible as your benchmark, it doesn’t say “Don’t believe in imaginary characters,” so you must decide how to handle it based on your own beliefs.

“But wait! It is black and white! – Telling your children that there is a Santa is lying!”

I see your point, except, I don’t. Some don’t consider ‘white lies’ to be ‘lying’. There are those who feel it’s okay to say “It’s nice” when a friend asks “How do you like my new home?” even though they think otherwise. Again, not black and white. Surely it’s not wrong to spare someone’s feelings. Or, maybe it is. It’s another one of those things that are interpreted differently.

(Incidentally, there are some that think you should always be honest- regardless of someone’s feelings. My grandmother was honest to a fault. I have seen someone ask “What do you think of my new haircut?” and get “I think it looks like crap.” as a response from her. So…)

If you’re doing what’s right for you and your family, then you’re doing what’s right. However, there are many of you that are handling the Santa debate incorrectly. A couple different ways.

Those who judge others’ choice, those who make remarks like “I decided not to rob my son of his childhood.” Or “I decided to show my child he could always trust me.” or similar-you’re wrong. It is your choice to make for you and your family. It’s not your place to choose for others or to judge the choices of others. Those passive aggressive comments, they’re un-called for and unhelpful. It’s also a defensive remark. There’s no reason to be defensive about your choice. When you are, it comes across as guilt over your decision. In a conversation about it, you can tell people how you do things- even why you made the choice you made- without passing judgement on others.

There’s two things I’ve seen people do that are, in my opinion, very wrong. One on each side of the argument.

If you’re of the “I tell my children that Santa doesn’t exist.” persuasion, it is wrong- on so.
Many. Levels.- to tell OTHER people’s children that Santa doesn’t exist. It’s wrong for you or your children to tell them. It isn’t your place and you should make it clear to your children that it’s not theirs either. That’s forcing your choice on others and
it’s just not right. Period.

Those of the “Believing in Santa is a natural part of childhood” persuasion can take that belief too far. There comes a point when ‘believing in Santa’ moves to ‘going out of your way to keep your child believing in Santa’. It’s no longer a natural part of childhood when you are going out of your way to prove or convince your child that Santa is real. That’little white lie’, at that point, is an outright, bald face lie and no longer an innocent part of childhood! As soon as your child point- blank asks you if Santa exists, it is your duty as a parent to answer him honestly. Sure, you can explain about the real St. Nick. You can explain that Santa lives in the hearts of everyone, but when you go out of your way to keep your child believing in the ‘fantasy’, it’s no longer the innocence of childhood.

Do what’s best for you and yours and respect the rights of others to do theirs.

As for how my husband and I handled “Santa”, we didn’t tell our kids that there was a Santa, but we didn’t tell them Santa didn’t exist either. We didn’t tell them anything- until they asked.

As always, feel free to share

Melissa Bachman – Evil Huntress

Up until recently, I’d never heard the name ‘Melissa Bachman’. Considering the circumstances that I did come to hear her name, I’m betting she wishes I’d still not heard of her.

Melissa Bachman, who is – among other things – an avid huntress, came under much scrutiny for doing what she is known for doing – hunting. In some cases, many in fact, the criticism comes from fellow hunters. Apparently, hunting is only okay if hunting for food or survival. Sport hunting, trophy hunting, is a no-no.

For me personally, I could never hunt or shoot and kill anything. I suppose as a matter of life and death anything is possible But hunting isn’t something I could do. However-I have no problems with hunting. Hunting for food or sport. And I would happily defend my right -anyone’s right- to do so.

Here’s where I take issue with the ‘Melissa Bachman-Evil Huntress’ story and outrage… There are thousands of babies and children being killed-murdered-daily. Where’s the outrage over that?
Kill babies freak over killing a lion

When it comes to people dying from Cancer, AIDS, etc. I’ve heard more than one Animal Rights activist say “Meh. 1 fight for animals because they can’t speak for or save themselves, people can.” Well, I don’t agree with that sentiment at all, especially on the subject of the killing of infants and children. A child cannot, as you say “save itself”.

But the situation with Melissa Bachman and her attackers is far, far different. What Melissa Bachman did was completely legal. She traveled to South Africa – legally. Obtained the necessary licenses – legally. Went hunting – legally. Killed a lion – legally. You may not like what she did and you’re entitled to that opinion, but she did nothing wrong. Morally, ethically or otherwise, she did nothing wrong. If lions were endangered, the South African government would not have allowed her to hunt them. She’s being crucified for something she did – legally. The disgusting – and very disturbing – thing about all this is what those who think hunting is wrong have to say about her.

A Facebook page called “Stop Melissa Bachman” created on November 15 – six days ago-has over 238,000 likes and is filled with comments by those who don’t agree with hunting. Especially sport and trophy hunting.

There were those who wished something horrible would befall her. Some wished her to be disfigured or maimed. Disfigured in such away as to prevent her from ever hunting – or functioning in the same manner – again.


There were those who wished she’d be raped.

Many more called for her head on a plate-or mounted on a wall.



Most just want to see her dead. The reason? For causing the death of a living being. For some reason, they fail to see the irony in that statement.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 4.09.23 PM




I have a huge problem with placing animals higher, or of more importance than humans. I don’t think it’s right to even put animals equal to human beings. We have dominion over the animals. They were put here for us.

I can hear some of you saying “But hunting for sport is not the same as hunting to feed your family.” This is true, and while we should never hunt to extinction, hunting for sport is no different than any other sport and many times helps a species flourish. Where as, no hunting can often endanger the species. It’s much better for the animal that is killed by the hunter than the one that isn’t. The population grows large and the animals begin venturing closer and closer to the city. Into the city in some cases. When the animals do that, they end up being hit by cars, trapped in places to endure pain or other things- causing them to suffer.

Hunting is far far more humane. It helps control the population. (And those saying lions are endangered- if they were endangered, Bachman wouldn’t have been given permission to hunt them.) In fact, South African Wildlife workers and experts will tell you there are more animals in South Africa now than there were 100 years ago BECAUSE of hunters.

The other thing is, Melissa Bachman broke no laws. She had all the licenses and requirements needed. She jumped through all the legal hoops and paid out the Wazoo to boot. People, clearly, don’t realize how much the hunters do for that country. It’s easy to condemn something you know nothing about. Putting an end to hunting would greatly upset the ecosystem and cause the deaths of many more animals. (Plus the meat from the lion was given to local villages as was the hide)

It’s rumored that it was a canned hunt. It wasn’t. She did nothing legally, morally or ethically wrong. Before you crucify her, read up on how much what she does helps wildlife.

And while you’re sitting there eating your hypocrite burger, wearing hypocrite leather boots, consider for a moment how you’d feel if your family or children were being hunted or attacked by big game. I’m thinking you’d change your mind about killing a big cat. Sure, this one wasn’t attacking anyone at the moment she killed it, but how many would it have had it not been killed?

God gave us dominion over the animals, He did not give us permission to abort, kill, or rape one another. Nor did he give us permission to wish those things on others. Before flipping out because she killed something you see as cute and cuddly (which it isn’t) consider the facts. You may learn something.

All you animal lovers out there should thank her and those hunters like her. They help maintain and sustain the species. Those of you who want to stop hunters are the dangerous ones. You’d allow your emotions to tortuously kill animals and other human beings.

So, thank you Melissa. Stay strong, fight the good fight and get back to hunting ASAP!