I like guns, Steve Lee

*Clean* Funny Pics has opened many a door for me. It has been a blessing (and a curse). I’ve made lots of friends and met new people. Most are good and great, some not so much.

My mom has been helping me with some things *C*FP and tripped out when she saw an email I’d gotten from Martina Navratilova – even if it was a negative one… There’s been Piers Moron and Jim Scarey getting me booted from Twitter, people wishing my kids dead, death threats from animal rights nutjobs, and I’d be remiss to forget the countless blogs and app reviews that run me into the ground.

But the good things outweigh the bad, even if they may not feel that way at that moment. There’s the countless emails and comments I receive thanking me for the page. People who have said they contemplated suicide and my page helped cheer them up and move past it. Or the girl who emailed to say her brother had been killed in the previous 6 months and my page was the first time she’d seen her parents smile since that time. Then there was Joe the Plumber calling about a blog post I’d made.

All of these are very cool and uplifting. The best, by far – to me, was the friendship my family and I have developed with Steve Lee. When he sent me a friend request, after I’d lowered the boom on some animal rights cuckoo birds that were hassling him on his page, it -of course- made my day, but I tripped out when I found out he’d been a fan of *Clean* Funny Pics!

He was *very* kind to take time out of his day one Saturday to allow my son, Harrison, to interview him via Skype about the Australia gun laws for a school paper. Since then, he’s called from time to time to chat. The coolness associated with that is over 1000.

I recently had my 40th birthday. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had some surprises for me. One being a surprise party that truly did surprise me. I had no inkling at all he was doing that. The other came in the mail shortly after my birthday.

Birthday wishes from Steve -I like guns- Lee! I mean, come on… That just awesome!
Steve Lee Autograph

He’s truly a very nice and humble guy. I love his music, his faith, his love of guns and how much he’s helping us here in the states with fighting the gun control fight. If you’re not familiar with him or his music, you can find his solo “gun songs” albums as well as his family’s albums on iTunes.

I Like Guns on iTunes

Everybody Likes Guns on iTunes

Welcome Road on iTunes

The Lees on iTunes

Time to Kill on iTunes

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