Start Making Excuses Now!

This week I’ve been wondering what people will say about Obamacare in a year, two years, five years, etc. In the back of my mind, you know, that scary dark place that you’d rather not access. I’ve been wondering if those who support Obamacare will see the mess it’s created and change their minds – albeit too late.

I figure there will be some in denial and will continue to support it and explain all the wonderful benefits, trying to convince themselves, more than anyone else, of it and how great it is.

Then I figured there would be those who support it, see that it failed and rather than admit it was a horrible idea and didn’t work, they’d displace the blame. Displace blame, most likely, to those who tried to stop it from being passed in the first place. After all, isn’t that the example the current administration has set more so than any others? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a president point fingers at others as much as this one does.

But how would they do that? How, exactly, would the ever be able to blame those who are trying to stop it, rather than saying “You were right. This didn’t work.” Well, I got my answer in a comment:

…while [Shelley] did use a good analogy to explain the Affordable Care Act to her children, she neglected to mention that this is the incarnation of the act after the Right got all the compromises they asked for. This is the version where they gutted anything even resembling the universal healthcare plan President Obama originally wanted and replaced it with basically selling us to the insurance companies. Then they lovingly called it Obamacare because it sucked, they knew it, and they wanted President Obama to be the fall guy for it.

We’re not stupid.

Not only is this predictable, ludicrous, and preemptively making excuses- it’s completely incorrect. The “Right” has even tried to remove exemptions from the bill and the House repeatedly rejects it. The latest is the exemption of Obama and his staff. I mentioned previously that Congress was exempt and they were, but that was changed. As I mentioned in my correction from when I misspoke – I pointed out that although Congress is no longer exempt, their coverage is being federally subsidized. (Not sure which is worse really).

However, Obama administration officials are not required to join the healthcare exchanges. So, Congress is on the exchange as well as all their staff and officials. Their fees will be subsidized, but theirs only – not their staff, while no one in the current administration is subject to them at all.

So, the Right – even though, according to the above preemptive excuse for foreseen failure, have messed everything up making it horrible coverage doomed to fail – are joining the exchanges and (some) donating their salary to charities during all this mess. While Obama (and his staff) throws a hissy fit, shuts down things that don’t close or aren’t federally owned, clings to his money (while claiming he’s trying to help the poor), points fingers at the right and runs from the ACA taking his staff with him.

Red Flag anyone?

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