Modern Day Robin Hood

I’ve been accused of a lot of things over the last week. The least of which being selfish and unwilling to give to others. While I’ll address many of the things discussed on the post from Monday, for now it’s the ‘charity’ part of Obamacare I want to address.

“We gladly contribute out of my paycheck the money to pay for anybody’s medication and treatments, even if they are a lowlife bum who never worked a day in their life.”

“Christians are supposed to give to those in need, but they don’t. This will make sure they give like they should and it will go to those that need it.”

These are of a few of the types of comments I’ve seen and gotten. I think people don’t realize that you can’t force someone to be ‘charitable’. In actuality, it has quite the opposite effect. There are countries that ‘universal healthcare’ who give less -annually- than those in the US. A lot of which, went down once universal healthcare went into effect.

If I can give, I do. Whether it be time, money, support – or all of those, I do it when I can and when I find something or someone I’d like to help. Forcing me to give is no longer charity. It’s forcefully making me do something – like armed robbery.

Some see Obama or Obamacare as Robin Hood or what Robin Hood did – taking from the rich and giving to the poor – but it’s not. It’s not even close to that.

Setting aside the fact that Robin Hood wasn’t worth slightly more than 12 million and Obama wants to spread everyone’s wealth – but his own – Robin Hood wasn’t ‘spreading the wealth’ at all. Robin Hood was righting a wrong. He took the money that the rich gained through taxation and laws. Taxation and laws that helped pad the pockets of the rich (or pay for million dollar vacations). He took it and gave it to those that the taxes left in squalor.

If there is anything about Robin Hood that could be applied to our country’s current situation, it would be the story itself with the roles and places accurately assigned.

Washington DC: Nottingham
Rest of the Country: Sherwood Forest
Obama: Prince John
Biden: Sherriff of Nottingham

I’m not sure, yet who Robin Hood would be because things seem to still be playing out, but it seems John Boehner is heading for the role of Robin Hood and Ted Kruz as Little John.

Going back and looking at the Prince John the story is about, once he became King, he levied payments of knights 11 times in 17 years (more than the previous 3 rulers combined), he raised taxation on women who were widowed if they didn’t remarry, he introduced new taxes, expanded existing ones, was often suspicious of those with wealth and power (his equals) and had a pinhead high sheriff do his bidding.

These could all be applied, in some manner, to what Obama is doing today. At least Prince/King John was upfront about it and didn’t try to keep it in the dark or make it out to be something it wasn’t – something positive. Obama has gone off the deep end ‘flexing’ his power. Shutting down monuments that are open 24 hours (which now cost money because someone has to be paid to stand and make sure no one goes in), refusing to allow WW2 vets into the WW2 memorial, closing the parking lots of privately owned parks (because he can’t shut the park down), etc is nothing but Obama trying to make a point. He’s showing us his presidential ‘guns’ because we won’t back down.

And then there’s Biden supporting him and commending those who are keeping World War 2 vets out of the World War 2 memorial as though that somehow does anything other than disrespect those who we owe gratitude for protecting our freedom. That’s a pinhead move.

Obama is refusing to negotiate, skirting responsibility and displacing the blame for his lack of negotiating. He’s attempting to ‘flex’ his power by taking everything he can hostage in hopes it will force the hand of those who refuse to back down and cave to his delusions of grandeur.

This, too, can be compared to Prince John. Although a caricature of the real Prince John, Disney’s version of Prince John has to be the most accurate portrayal of current president yet.

Stay classy Mr President. Stay classy.

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