Perhaps This is the Core of What’s Wrong with Society

These are screenshots from video games:
Fallout 3
Cracking someone in the head with a golf club.

Head shot! Worth bonus points too!

Beating another person with a pipe or similar.

In these games, and others, your character shoots, stabs, hits, beheads and kills other persons and/or characters in the game. You get kudos and bonus points for “head shots”. There’s no mention of the person you’ve assaulted after you’re done assaulting them. Did they live or die? Did they go to the hospital? Nope. They’re just dead. And that’s good – right? Well, it is in the game if you’d like to advance…

Now, let’s counter that – shall we? …

Here is another screenshot from another game. Just prior to this screenshot you had to get past guard dogs so you found a ‘potion’ and fed it to them. But don’t worry about the poor dogs…
According to the game, they’re just SLEEPING and not harmed in any way.

Now, if that just don’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does… Clearly the gaming industry realizes there is more value placed on an animal’s life than a human’s. Actually, no value at all on human life. How many people probably called and tore them a new one for killing innocent NON EXISTENT dogs in a video game!

Hell in a hand basket I tell you. Hell in a hand basket.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps This is the Core of What’s Wrong with Society”

  1. It’s sad and it’s frightening how desensitized we, and especially our children, are getting. I’m so glad that my husband isn’t into gory video games because where he leads my sons are sure to follow.


  2. That’s just disturbing.

    Of course, I was on another page yesterday with a human hating on the human race and praising that some day we’d all be dead and the Earth would be cleansed…so I can’t say I’m surprised.


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