Son not impressed. Mom in awe.

I was showing the kids how you can balance an egg on its end. Contrary to and the majority of the internet. You can, indeed, balance an egg on its end on the equinox. SNOPES states this is urban legend and can be done any day of the year. Perhaps, but it’s much easier on the equinox. I speak from experience.

So, I got out some eggs, balanced them and attempted to amaze my children.

balanced eggs on equinox

Harrison decides he wants to give it a try. He tried a few times unsuccessfully. I told him to keep trying. Left the room a minute and as soon as I get in the room, Harrison says “Yeah, no.”

I said “What? You can’t do it?”

He said no he couldn’t. I told him to keep trying and if he did it, I’d take a picture. I left the room to get the camera and got sidetracked on the way back. Harrison comes in where I was and said “I did it.”

“You did? For real? That’s awesome…”

He says “Yeah, come look…”

balanced egg on equinox fail

Okay, well… He gets an “F” in ‘Balancing Eggs’, but gets an A++ in creativity and ingenuity. He’s definitely winning…

True Story

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