My Weekend of Fun

It makes my heart jump for joy when people feel comfortable enough to come to my home for an extended stay, having never met me. Kudos to them too, because I don’t think I could have done it. There was a total of 6 guests. Four guys, two girls. The guys stayed at a hotel, the girls stayed here.

Since I knew how uncomfortable I would most likely be, staying in someone’s home I’d never met – I wanted to make it plainly aware that they were welcome and could be themselves here. So, I made them a goody basket of possible ‘necessities’.

2013-08-30 19.37.50  2013-08-30 19.38.30

No place is complete without wifi access!

2013-08-30 19.39.39
Everyone is armed at my house, even if I have to arm them.

2013-08-30 19.40.37

They got in on Friday, pretty late, and on Saturday night we grilled hotdogs, goofed and played games. They had to leave Sunday afternoon, so it was a pretty quick trip for them. They’d come in two cars, so two of the guys and both girls headed home pretty early in the afternoon. The other two were going to head out sometime after that. Not long after the first crew left, I got a call from one of the two. He said they’d decided to stay another night and wondered if I’d take them in for the night. Well, of course I would! I was actually excited about it…

I asked him where they were so I could meet up with them and give them a key to my house. I remember what it was to be in college so I figure they’d be out pretty late. I didn’t want them to feel like they couldn’t stay out or had to get in early because I was waiting up for them, so I gave them a key and told them I’d see them the next day – if not before.

In the meantime, it occurred to me that the two of them had only been at my house – ever so briefly – when they came by with the girls on Friday night. It was very dark and only for a moment. Would they find their room? Would they feel comfortable enough to explore in order to find the bathroom? The kitchen? Not run into a wall? Plus, the girls stayed and got a goody basket. They should have some goodies too!

So – I went to the store and fixed up their goody basket.

2013-09-01 20.41.37 2013-09-01 20.41.54 2013-09-01 20.42.38
No candy for the guys, a jar of bacon felt more appropriate for them…
So, that was all set – but I still wondered about them finding their way through the dark – or even my house at all. So…

I tied a light up balloon to the mailbox and another on the front door.
2013-09-01 21.44.42

Once they entered, they saw this:

2013-09-02 00.35.00

(Better lit version)

2013-09-02 00.04.56

2013-09-02 00.05.08

Used paper and glow sticks to make a color coded map of my house. Well, a map to the most important things anyway… The bed, the bathroom and the fridge! The 4th item was “Easter Eggs” and were scattered about the rooms… Chocolate, bacon, haystacks and other treats.

2013-09-02 00.34.51

(Can see some of the glow sticks on paper in the background)

At some point in the evening, as I prepared for them to arrive, Tom said “Do you really think they’re going to be interested in any of this stuff? They’re guys… I think you’re doing this for yourself…”

Yep! Just for me. All I needed was a reason! I did want them to feel comfortable and not get lost coming in my house, but I guess a flashlight would have worked just as well. It’s just the flashlight wouldn’t have been as fun for me!

I can’t wait for them to come visit again. I hope they’ll come back next Labor Day – if not before. My only problem is I only have room for two or three at a time. Maybe a lottery? Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock? Hey, maybe some ‘Hunger Game’ sort of games, but without anyone actually killing anyone. Two winners get to stay here, everyone else goes to a hotel… I guess that’s not my problem, really. They can figure all that out and then let me know what’s decided. lol

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