What has happened?

I don’t understand… When did we become a country of … I don’t know what. Moochers maybe?

We all know I recently got a trademark on the *Clean* Funny Pics name. As a point, to make it known that I am not interested in eradicating pages completely from Facebook and I only want my name back, I have contacted many of them and offered to share their pages if they would change their page name. The number of people who respond with “No thanks” floors me. Not only because they’re turning down an opportunity, but because they’re saying “I’m just going to ignore your rights and continue to infringe upon them.”

There are some that – for whatever reason – changing the name isn’t possible. I offered to start a new page for them and completely support it on *Clean* Funny Pics in return they would delete the current page. I even stated they wouldn’t be expected to delete the current page until the new one has as many or more followers as it does.

I’ve had more than one page counter offer my offer. One of which offered to give me my domain names they own and social media profiles in the *Clean* Funny Pics name if, in return, I would not pursue the other sites they have in my name and BACK OFF. How generous of them to offer to give me what is mine!

I had one page, that I offered to start a new page for and support on *Clean* Funny Pics and explained that Facebook may shut them down and I wouldn’t want them to lose all their followers.  They replied saying they weren’t going to delete their page, but they would take me up on my offer to start another page for them that is supported by *Clean* Funny Pics just in case Facebook did shut that one down. Oh. Well, sure. Why would I not let you keep what was mine and also start, work with and support a whole new page for you as well.

I had another page ask me to see things from their perspective. To understand how they feel. How would I feel if a page asked me to remove my page because they trademarked their name before I could. How unthoughtful that would be of someone to do! How unthoughtful of me to trademark my own name before they could!

Honestly. I’m not making this stuff up. It’s like this…

Say you have a car. Better still… a Hummer. And it is stolen. You find out who it is that stole it and you ask for it back. They say no. So, you speak to the police and the police say that you must prove it is yours. You present them with papers and things, but those papers and things aren’t the official documents. So, you go to the county and get your paperwork and everything verified and begin the process of getting a title on your Hummer. A process that is very long and very costly.

During the time that the process is going on the people who have your vehicle get detail it every month, they replace the tires, they may even give it a paint job. Then, after almost a year, the county contacts you and says “Congrats, here’s your title and registration number to prove it is yours.”

Yay! Finally! So, you take your title and registration to the person’s house who has your vehicle. You show them the documents and ask them to give the Hummer back. They look at it and say “Well, I’ve put a lot of time into that thing. I kept it clean and detailed it every month. I also had the tires replaced. I’m going to have to decline your request and keep your Hummer because I don’t think it is right for you to ask for it back after all the time and work I’ve put into it.”

Uhm. What did I miss? This ain’t let’s make a deal. This is law.

But, you want to be fair, so you go back to the person who has the Hummer and say “Look, I need my vehicle. It’s my livelihood. I use it to get back and forth to work. It supports my family. But, I’m willing to work with you here… If you’ll give me my Hummer, I will give you this FORD F-150 that I have. That way, when I turn all this in to the police, you’ll have something else to drive in case the police come to get this one. It will be completely yours and you and I can even be friends…”

Then they look at you and respond, “Hmmmm… Well, like I said, I put a lot of work in that Humvee, so I’m going to keep it, but I will take the F150 just in case the police show up and take the Humvee…”

I don’t get people. I really don’t.

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